Japanese WordPress Web Site for Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore.

Over 12 years WordPress engineering,
We provide Japanese Web Site to company in your country try to expand into Japan.

Our advantage are Japanese SEO, Management of Google Ads.
So your site can get Japanese customers and excellent conversion from Japanese customers.
Let’s contact us to build your great Japanese Web Site

WordPress is the world’s most used open source blog / CMS software.
Among the many CMS, it is especially suitable for SEO, and it can be said that it is a perfect CMS for attracting customers on the Web.
In addition, various mechanisms that simplify the operation of website operations are implemented by default, and it is also ideal from the viewpoint of “growing sites.”
Kaiza has been doing WordPress for 12 years. We can build everything. Announcements and columns on corporate sites, product introductions, to reservation sites, EC sites, member sites and searches, all on WordPress.

Our WordPress customization

Our cases of WordPress customization.
(Sorry but in Japanese only. So it would be nice if you could only understand the large number of cases.)

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About our site design results

We introduce only a part of our site design.

高級パンフレット制作サービス 実績ページ
官公庁 学術調査サイト

These are not enough!
If you want to know more about site design results, please contact us .

Not only WordPress.
But also System development, nice tools.

A quick introduction for examples |_-。)

  • Chat system like “Slack” using NodeJS
  • A web tool that allows you to create html email templates by drag and drop using Angular JS
  • Crawl your favorite site to get images and HTML from that site Javascript
  • JavaScript to convert text to speech
  • etc …

We also product movie.

KaizaBiz -Movie Production-

We also have strengths in SEO and advertising management.
We achieved increasing your Japanese customers for almost clients.