The new site is not complete yet.
Daily operation after launching is the most important.
If you do not do that, you can not expect to attract customers even with cool sites.
Operate easily on WordPress with WordPress and let’s make it a site where customers gather.

What “Kaiza” do on WordPress

Corporate SiteNews update, Item registration, Inquiry etc.
BlogBlog update, Comment etc.
EC siteItem update and introduction, Cart, Payments, Order Management etc.
* Development with WooCommerce or Welcart(Japanese Plugin)
Booking siteBooking and Reservation Management for clinic or rental office etc
Searching and portal siteSearch(including drill down), registration for Jobs or real estates etc.
Member siteUser management, Member registration, Login, MyPage, Content for member etc.

Reason why people choose “Kaiza”

Reason 1

Over 12 years with WordPress

After all, the amount we are experiencing is a lot.
Reason 2

Japanese great designer

We are confident in the design team.
Work closely with multiple web designers to create cool sites.
We also stick thoroughly to usability (the ease of use of the site).

Please contact if you want to know the results of site design production.
Reason 3

Smartphone compatible design

Responsive design all.
So Smartphone compatible design.
Reason 4

Great Direction

We will listen to the client’s request firmly, and we are good at general direction business such as site map and wire frame production.
Originally Representative Tanno has a long history of working as a project manager for a large-scale system and has a reputation for project progress.
Reason 5

Strong about SEO

Since we are always aware of SEO from site structural design to checking of manuscripts, we can create sites that are easily evaluated by search engines.

Flow of production

Please feel free to contact us.
We will reply by email.
Interview your request
Please tell us what kind of site you would like to create by visiting, calling or emailing.
This section also clarifies “the end purpose of the site” and “target users” that are important for site production.
Suggestion / Quotation
Create a proposal based on the content of the interview. I will.
In addition, we will offer a quote at the same time. Please refer to Design fee.
If you are satisfied with our proposal and quotation, please place an order.
All progress is based on the “site purpose” and “target user”.
While meeting, site map, wire frame production, design production, if you need a system, we will solidify the specifications.
In particular, site map is the most important point that greatly affects usability and SEO, so it is carefully done.
WordPress implementation
We will implement it in WordPress.
A site of about 10 pages can be completed in about 1 to 2 weeks.
Manual presentation
We will present the manual, and please create the first post according to the manual.
Daily post updates and page improvements are the cornerstone of attracting customers.
Finally open.
But the site is starting to open. Let’s go to the next action right away with time to love.
Training to raise sales
It is not a day to attract customers.
The ability to attract customers and increase sales depends on daily operations.
In other words, for the site owner, it can be said that this is a real battle.
We also have strong know-how on site attraction.
Web Marketing in Japan