How to attract customers to your site in Japan

It is not the end when the site has been produced.
I would like to produce I will carry out various measures to get customers to the site.

“Kaiza” also provides “site attraction service”.
There are a lot of ways for “attract customers”, but what we do is the most basic thing and the most effective one, the increase in conversion (number of inquiries) by the operation of SEO and advertising.
In actual operation, we have achieved high sales for almost all the sites we made, such as 200% conversion conversion and 100% closure rate.

Here are the steps from opening the site to attracting customers.
Step 1

Define the purpose of the site and target users in the design phase

Don’t proceed without understanding the purpose and the target users. If so, your site is easily defeated by the competing site created with the purpose and target users set firmly.
So that that won’t happen, decide on the purpose and target users before creating the site.

The flow of the site production of “Kaiza” is here Please confirm.
Step 2

First of all the basics in the basics. keyword, description settings

Recently, google also began to think about keywords and meaning from the entire page. Therefore, it is true that meta tag keywords and descriptions are not regarded as important. However, we also look at search engines for reference.
Therefore, always set keyword and description.
Step 3

google analytics, search console, adwords Account Opening and Linking

google analytics : access analysis
Search console : page-level search order and keyword search
Adwords : Advertising tool

Create an account for the above 3 services and make sure to set up collaboration.
Step 4

PDCA with the above 3 services

google analytics : After setting up a few goals (conversions), analyze the reports on each page, mainly in terms of improving exit rates, staying time and access And perform PDCA of content editing of each page.

Search console : Analyze the search order and search keywords for each page to know the visitor’s intention, and match the page content PDCA, the popular page and the flow from there to conversion Make page edit PDCA etc.

Adwords : Create keywords and ads. Setting to link conversion information from analytics. Set ad schedule and budget.
I will try to use for a while, and I will get it to such a point.
After that, switch to ad operation with google AI, update negative keywords daily while watching conversions, and while continuing to see optimization proposals from google, adopt PDCA such as keyword editing and ad text editing if necessary. .
Step 5

When it comes to the crunch, trying site AB test

If you want to make major changes to your site’s design, such as changing the main page copy on the top page, changing the base color, etc., this can cause significant conversion fluctuations. Therefore, instead of changing all at once, changing it in half and seeing the user’s reaction “AB test”, analysis is performed for a limited period of time, and we will decide based on the results.
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